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Diving in Nusa Penida Island

Swimming with manta ray in manta dive Bali trip

Nusa Penida Diving

Diving in Nusa Penida island in the southeast of Bali is home to many dive spots. Every side of the island has its own diving highlight. Manta Point in the south, SD point in the east, Toya Pakeh in the north, and Crystal Bay on the west just to name a few. Diving in Nusa Penida Island is easily accessible and even the nearest diving places from the airport. Manta Rays hang around there all year while during the cold waters, you might encounter the Mola Mola. Although Nusa Penida is a place more suitable for experienced divers, Bali Fun Diving can help new divers to still enjoy Nusa Penida in 2021.

Diving Activities

First, pick a dive center. Make sure you ask for all the details and the inclusion of the package. Usually, it is done based on a day trip and you usually get 3 dives in Nusa Penida. Bali Fun Diving package is a flexible package so you can request where to dive and of course, we offer you full inclusion packages.

We will pick you up at your accommodation around 7 in the morning. You will meet your dive guide(s) on Sanur beach, as a port for speedboats. Our dive guides are chosen with strict selection on their quality and experience. We also insist on having a dive guide for guests in a 1: 2 ratio to ensure your safety.

After all the paperwork is done, you will embark to Nusa Penida in a 45 minutes speedboat ride. Enjoy the point of view of Nusa Penida’s cliffside from the sea. Sometimes, dolphins will come and enjoy the waves the speedboat leaves behind. Grab some snacks and drinks we provide or rest until we arrive at the spot.

Our dive guide will give you a briefing before each dive. All of the information will be told and feel free to ask if you have trouble understanding. Dive sites may vary, but usually, you will visit Manta Point. Before your third dive, we will provide you with lunch. Also, don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated with our drinks. After all your dives are done, we will take you back to Bali and to your accommodation. Also, don’t forget to ask for photos and videos taken by your guide. Are you ready to visit Nusa Penida in 2021?

For more Nusa Penida Diving information, packages, and promotion visit www.balifundiving.com or contact info@balifundiving.com!

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