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Diving in Bali with Bali Fun Diving

Diving Packages and Services

Many scuba divers are always looking for the “best deal” when it comes to diving packages and services. It is completely normal as we are all human beings. However, in our diving school, the best deal comes from you. How much is your budget for a trip? No matter how small or big your budget is, we are sure to have a diving trip offer that is perfect for you with equal quality. Because quality and safety are our number one priority. Let us know how many people are coming with you, we might have a special rate for you!

Why Bali Fun Diving?

Bali Fun Diving has focused on creating competitively priced diving trips while maintaining our quality, comfort, and safety of the package. We are an official partner of the diving federation and a legally registered company. So, you can feel safe going on a trip with us from a diving and legal standpoint.

You are free to suggest where you want to dive because our services are adjustable to meet your perfect budget. In addition to that, we also have varieties of special offers for diving clubs and groups for more discounts.

We are committed to always give you the utmost satisfaction on your diving trip to Bali. Our ABSOLUTE standard is keeping a SMALL RATIO of Dive Guide and Guests. We insist to use a 1: 2 (Dive Guide: Guests) ratio, and a maximum of 1 : 3 ratio for experienced divers. This small ratio is intended to give you comfort, quality of service, and absolute safety. The safer you are, the more you’ll enjoy your dive.

We offer competitive diving prices with more quality compared to others. Our aim is simply to give you a quality diving experience that exceeds your expectation. That we guarantee for sure! Our programs – Bali Diving Trips and diving courses are not designed and meant for 1 touch service but to develop a long-term relationship with you.

We offer competitive and flexible diving prices with superior quality. Our aim is simply to give you a quality diving experience and comfort. That is something that we can guarantee for sure! Our diving programs will prove to you that diving with us is not a one time trip, but a long time diving experience in Bali!

Check out our PROMOTION and Current Special Offers too!

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