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Diving in Bali : Improve Your Dives

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With Bali being open in 2022, there is no better time for you to start learning scuba diving. Why not dive and learn in Bali, one of the favorite places for people to dive. Maybe when diving in Bali, you want to improve your dives. Bali Fun Diving can help you with various diving courses based on your level of certification. Whether you are just starting out or looking for more experience, we have the right thing for you. Enjoy your dive in Bali’s best dive spots such as Tulamben, Amed, Padang Bai, and Nusa Penida. 

Scuba Diving Levels

Open Water Diver

Searching for a place to start? Learn to dive with our Open Water Diver Course. Here, you will learn all about what you need to start your diver journey. Our qualified instructor will teach you about Scuba gear and be familiar with how you use it. All the basic knowledge for you to start your diving journey in Bali. We have options for 2 days program only and also 3 days program. Total 4 dives on both programs.

Advance Diver

Feeling more confident with your diving skills and are looking for more challenges? Bali Fun Diving also offers you with Advance Open Water Diver Courses (SSI Advanced Adventurer). Upgrade your skills to experience more of Bali’s underwater world. Be more confident with your diving skill wherever you are. The more you learn, the more you will get. Available in a 2 days course for 5 total dives!

Rescue Diver

As you may already know, scuba diving is an extreme sport that requires good skills and fundamentals. With your advanced skill, learn to prevent and manage accidents to help or save your dive buddies or families while you dive! Learn to make decisions when dangers might occur during your dive. You and your dive buddies will feel safer and more confident diving with you in every dive. Upgrade your rescue diving skill with our 3 days Rescue Diver Course and React Right (first aid and CPR training!)

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