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Crystal Bay Dive Bali

Dive in most famous site to meet Mola mola, Crystal bay dive Bali with great deal price. Call or WA +62 818 1892 9111

Crystal bay dive bali is a most famous dive site to meet Mola mola, this dive site is located in the western part of Nusa Penida Island overlooking Ceningan island.
In the season of Mola-mola which usually comes in July to October, the water temperature here becomes very cold and clear. Between 21 degrees to 18 degrees celsius.

Crystal bay dive Bali also has a very strong and unpredictable current so this dive place is only recommended for those of you who are experienced. Underwater topography with a blend of walls with gently sloping derivatives and a striking position make this dive place very easy in influencing the tidal water.

Crystal bay can be reached by speed boat from sanur with more or less 50 minutes. Diving can start from within the bay so that preparation can be done better.

Prepare yourself for a unique and rare fish, Oceanic Sunfish or Mola mola. Long wetsuit with a thickness of 5mm to 7mm is recommended. Hook, glove and hood will be an important additional accessory. And get special deal price for you adventures.

Call or Whats app +62 818 1892 9111 or Email: info@balifundiving.com for more information.
Lets meet Mr. Mola with us, Bali Fun Diving

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