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Cleaning Your Scuba Diving Equipment

The best scuba diving equipment doesn’t mean it can hold up after a long time if there is no proper cleaning. Cleaning your scuba diving equipment is important, to keep you alive.

Here are some tips on cleaning your scuba diving equipment

Mask and Snorkel

Your mask and snorkel are not hard to clean. After the dive, rinse your mask and snorkel in freshwater. For snorkel do not forget to rinse the insides. You can also use dishwashing soap to help clean your mask and snorkel. After the final rinse, wipe it with synthetic fabric or other cleaning cloth.


You can properly clean your fins just by rinsing them with clean fresh water. To clean off all that saltwater turning into salt that may damage your fins.


Your regulator is your life support when underwater. That is why you will need to completely rinse your regulator. Make sure to blow away the dust cap with high-pressure wind from the tank or other sources. The mouthpieces can be scrubbed with a sponge and soapy water. Do not forget to rinse it off after the soap. Our dive center also applies alcohol to disinfect the mouthpiece. Store the regulator after it is completely dry. Also, you will still need to regularly service your regulator.


A BCD needs to be cleaned both externally and internally. Saltwater can enter your inner BCD while diving which needs to be rinsed off. The external parts of your BCD can be rinsed off by freshwater, or dip in freshwater for several minutes. Next, you will need to insert freshwater to the insides of the BCD through the inflator. Wash the insides by tilting your BCD so the water inside rinses all of the saltwater. And then let the water out by the dump valve until all the water got out. Repeat for at least another time so make sure it is cleaned well. Do not put other chemicals inside the BCD, it may damage the bladder.

Those are some ways and tips for you to clean your scuba diving equipment, Remember, scuba diving equipment are all your live support underwater that also need proper maintenance.


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