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Choose the right Bali Dive Center

After all, choose the right Bali Dive Center. We agree that Bali is well-known as the “Island of the Gods.” Bali’s dive spots are perfect for both complete beginner and experienced divers. Imagine Bali to be the best underwater world for scuba diving. There are some experience choices from easy dives as well as more adventurous ones in  Bali, like the world’s famous USAT Liberty Shipwreck, which does indeed have a variety of spots for you to dive in your Bali diving plan.  Bali has it all: shore dives diving, deep diving spot – if you would like to take a deep diving specialty course,  drift dive trip, muck diving who likes to spot tiny creatures or macro photography, and wreck dive from historical or even artificial one.

The Mola Mola is the biggest and most adorable – but undeniably the most uniques – star of Bali’s oceanic kingdom. Mola Mola, commonly identified as Ocean Sunfish, are sea creatures and frequent in the Bali ocean. These wide-eyed and gaping-mouthed fish – often characterized by huge swimming heads – grow to giant size and shape and weigh more than any other bony fish in the ocean– adults Mola can reach 1000 kilograms.

Sunfish, as the names suggest, love nothing more than enjoying some sun rays on the ocean’s surface, or doing their “fish-spa”, Nusa Penida Diving is the perfect diving spot for Mola Mola Hunting during the season.

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Bali Dive Center, Dive Courses, and Rates

When it comes to finding a dive center or school in Bali, divers are loaded for choice, as they seem to be like most things. You’ll need to look online and browse online reviews to choose one that suits your requirements.

Proudly announced that we were always open an operate during the pandemic, and serving domestics and expat who lives locally and in Indonesia. We are CHSE certified too!

Around Bali, there are over hundreds of accredited dive operators who obey industry standards for Dive Professional requirements, safety procedures, and practice, and are qualified with a well-maintained quality of equipment.

Bali Dive Courses

All of the common courses and programs we have in Bali. Besides these include and are not limited to:

PADI Open Water Course, also SSI Open Water Diver Certification

PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course or SSI Advanced Adventurer

Rescue Diver Course

PADI and SSI Specialty Diver courses too.

Both associations are the most famous and recognized in the world, with the same equivalency.

Average Scuba Diving Rates vary, for us in Bali Fun Diving. We have set up the best offers and reasonable prices for all Bali Diving programs from Denpasar or Sanur.

Reasonable price, yet without compromising our best quality of services and safety standards. We do have a small ratio assigned for the student divers and leisure divers.

Contact us for Bali Diving Price.

Best Diving Season in Bali

In general, the Diving season in Bali is all year round

Bali is located just in the south and is located close to the Indian Ocean, which makes Bali has a mild climate and quite unpredictable weather. Starting December to March mostly wind came from the west and started raining season. By the experienced best season around April to October while some months in August or September, the wind also changes.

 You can dive safely all year round in Bali, we do check regularly and have team reporting after a dive, a competent dive guide, and knowledgeable tide evaluation before every dive. Mola Mola season is starting from July to October, and if you’re seeking manta rays, they are present all year.

Underwater visibility ranges from 10 to340 meters. The best visibility is suggested to be on Nusa Penida and Menjangan Island in North Bali.

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