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Blue Hole Diving Spot

blue hole diving spot

Blue Hole Diving Spot – Diving is one of the most extreme sports. For lovers of nature tourism, it is not right if you have never felt diving into the ocean with beautiful coral reef views.

Even so, diving requires skills, assistance, and adequate tools to stay safe. The reason, if done with origin, it will endanger your own life.

Several places in the world also provide diving spots with the best views. One of them is Blue Hole. Not only is it a dive site with beautiful views, it turns out that Blue Hole is a deadly place. In fact, the Blue Hole is rumored to have taken hundreds of divers. What’s this place like?

Blue Hole Diving Spot

This is a diving spot located on the coast of the Red Sea, precisely in Dahab, a small village on the southeast coast of the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt. Blue Hole itself has a width of about 80 meters with a depth of more than 100 meters.

In addition to its underwater beauty, the Blue Hole is known to be dangerous because of its unusual contours. Blue Hole is harmless if you dive only a few meters. The problem is when you dive deeper.

Known As The Divers Cemetery

This place is so dangerous, the Blue Hole has the nickname ‘divers cemetery’ or ‘Diver’s Graveyard’ in the Red Sea. This is because many divers died while diving to this place. In fact, the divers who dive in the Blue Hole seem ready to die or risk their lives.

The depth of the Blue Hole itself is estimated at nearly 1,000 meters. However, divers are prohibited from diving to a depth of 100 meters.

Launching from Rush Kult, the shallowest area in this hole is only 6 meters which is called The Saddle. Then, there is a tunnel-like arch with a length of 26 meters at a depth of 55 meters called The Arch.

Many died after trying to swim in The Arch. This tunnel connects the Blue Hole with the Red Sea.

When divers reach depths of more than 55 meters, they will find rock tunnels that look like arches. The water is so clear that it seems to produce flashes of light from the end of the tunnel so it looks close. In fact, when approached, divers will swim deeper and cause disorientation.

At some point, in this tunnel, there is an underwater alternating current that is very dangerous for divers. This is what makes even professional divers think twice about exploring this place.

Takes Hundreds of Lives Including Famous Divers

Recorded, Blue Hole has claimed at least 200 lives of divers. And, one of the famous divers who lost his life while diving in this place is Yuri Lipski.

In fact, this incident was caught on camera when he documented himself diving in The Arch. Lipski’s body was later found by Tarek Omar, an Egyptian diver.

Launching from The Guardian, Omar is a diver who often helps evacuate the bodies of divers who drowned in the Blue Hole. In 1997, he removed the bodies of Conor O’Regan and Martin Gara from the water, the first bodies to be recovered from the Blue Hole.

Since then, he had removed more than 20 corpses within the Blue Hole.

Requires Thorough Preparation

Tarek Omar said, it took careful preparation before diving into the Blue Hole, especially measuring one’s abilities and the depth to which he wanted to go.

Although it is known as the ‘Diver’s Graveyard’, the Blue Hole is still visited by divers from all over the world.

However, unqualified divers are prohibited by law from entering the Blue Hole. This is to reduce the recurrence of incidents of divers drowning in the Blue Hole.

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