Diving in Bali

Diving in Bali is one of the activity is highly recommended when you holiday in Bali. Call or Whats app +62 817 0310 6000 Diving in Bali When holiday in Bali many choices of activities that we can do. Land … Read More

Liberty ship wreck Tulamben

Visiting the highlight dive site in Bali, the majesty of Liberty ship wreck Tulamben. Call or Whats app +62 817 0310 6000. Email: info@balifundiving.com Liberty Ship Wreck Tulamben Diving in Liberty ship wreck Tulamben will provide a unique experience and unforgettable. … Read More

Diving in Nusa Penida

Improve your diving skills by diving in Nusa Penida while meets the big fish and beauty coral. Call or Whatsapp +62 817 0310 6000. Diving in Nusa Penida Nusa Penida Island is a small island located in the southeast of … Read More

Night Dive

Interested in a night dive which will provide a different experience? here are some tricks that can be prepared. Call/Whatsapp +62 817 0310 6000 Night Dive Before doing night dives in your new adventures, here are some preparations that you … Read More

Scuba Diving Bali

Visit the best place for doing scuba diving Bali with your custom-made holiday’s schedule.  Please call or Whats app to  +62 817 0310 6000 Scuba Diving Bali Increasing number of dive operators in Bali make the competition getting more tighter. From … Read More

Refresh dive in Bali

Want to dive back after a long break? get back with refresh dive in Bali with Bali Fun Diving. Call/Whatsapp +62 817 0310 6000 Refresh dive in Bali For some reason many divers after taking a open water dive course … Read More

Diving in Padangbai

With Bali Fun Diving lets create fabulous dive experience by diving in Padangbai with Cuttlefish. Call or whats app +62 817 0310 6000 Diving in Padangbai Padangbai is one of the dive sites in Bali most visited by divers. The number of … Read More

Drift diving Nusa Penida

Drift diving Nusa Penida is one of the favorite dives you can do when diving in Bali. Call / Whatsapp +62 817 0310 6000 Drift diving Nusa Penida Nusa Penida is located in the southeastern part of the island of … Read More

Night diving at Liberty ship wreck Tulamben

Watch the attractive and unbelievable nocturnal animals activities with night diving at Liberty ship wreck Tulamben. Call or Whats app +62 817 0310 6000 Night diving at Liberty ship wreck Tulamben Beauty of underwater Tulamben can be found not only in … Read More

Diving in Padang bay

Short distance drive, traditional boat, diving in Padang bay is a spectacular dive site in Bali. Call or Whats app +62 817 0310 6000 Padang bay located on the east side of the island of Bali. The dive sites here … Read More

Mola mola in Bali

Nusa Penida is dive sites are usually visited Mola mola in Bali to do the cleaning. When the season? Call/Whatsapp +62 817 0310 6000 Ocean Sunfish or Mola mola known is one of the famous fish that can be seen … Read More

Boxer Crab in Bali

Complete your macro photography collection with photo of  boxer crab in Bali. Colourful and beautiful tiny crab. Call Whats app +62 817 0310 600 Boxer Crab also known by the name of Pom Pom Crab or Lybia Tesselatta is one of … Read More

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