Diving in Padangbai Bali

Get to Know the Preparation Before Diving in Padang bai Bali

Bali has an amazing underwater charm to attract travelers. To enjoy the natural beauty, you can access several stunning destinations in an easy way, such as diving in Padang bai.
Indonesian Divers Tradition on August 17th

Indonesian Divers Tradition on August 17th

Indonesian Divers Tradition on August 17th When visiting Indonesia to dive around August, oftentimes you will stumble across a phenomenon. A tradition so to speak, of the thing we Indonesian
Mola Mola Pep Talk Part 2

Mola Mola Pep Talk Part 2

Contents1 Mola Mola Pep Talk Part 21.1 The code of conduct of approaching Mola Mola1.2 What we learned1.3 Our Standard1.4 Respect your buddy and use a buddy system during every
Mola Mola Pep Talk

Mola Mola Pep Talk Part 1

Contents1 Mola Mola Pep Talk1.1 Meet Mola Mola1.2 Why don’t we always go there?1.3 Buoyancy Control1.4 Which do you prefer? Mola Mola Pep Talk July to October in Bali is
Upgrading Your Scuba Diving License

Upgrading Your Scuba Diving License

Scuba diving is a wonderful sport and an addicting hobby, but we must not forget about the dangers. During your first lesson about scuba diving, you were introduced to the

Scuba Diving is NOT What You Think It Is

Have you ever wondered about enrolling on a diving license in Bali? Scuba diving is fun, amazing, and beautiful. But behind those amazing things you might see on social media,
Oceanic Sunfish

The Wonders of Oceanic Sunfish

Oceanic Sunfish is known as the largest bony fish. Their skeleton consists of cartilaginous tissues that are lighter than bone, making them grow into magnificent sizes. This are actually related
Safer Scuba Diver

In Just 2 days, You Can be A Scuba Diver

Wanting to be a scuba diver but there is not much free time on your schedule? Fear not, we have a solution for you! Usually, getting a scuba diving license

Cleaning Your Scuba Diving Equipment

The best scuba diving equipment doesn’t mean it can hold up after a long time if there is no proper cleaning. Cleaning your scuba diving equipment is important, to keep
Habits To Become a Safer Scuba Diver

Habits To Become a Safer Scuba Diver

Learning scuba diving means learning new habits. There are some things that we do not usually do that might be unnatural at first. But as time goes on we gain
Best Dive Instructor in Bali

Finding the Best Dive Instructor in Bali

Learning scuba diving is like opening a new page of a book in your life. Scuba diving is not as simple as going underwater and swimming as you like. There
Sea Turtle in Padangbai

Sea Turtle Fun Facts

Sea Turtles are always a delight when you encounter them while diving. These gentle creatures are very photogenic. However, these creatures are vulnerable to danger as soon as they hatch.
Divers Guide

Things Divers Guide, Must and Mustn’t Do

Divers Guide – what is the reason we scuba dive? Of Course to enjoy the underwater world as natural as possible. Back when we took our diving license, your instructor
Artificial reef Bali

The Importance of Coral Reefs

What is your reaction when diving or snorkeling and what you see is dead coral reefs? Not only does it look unpleasant, but it is also harmful to the environment.

Being a Responsible Diver

Scuba diving is a wonderful activity. To fully enjoy the beauty of the underwater world, we must respect it too. Humans are not made to live underwater, so we need
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