Bali Diving Course

SSI and PADI Bali Diving Course, we offer diving course packages start from the beginner level to advanced level. Our diving school offer competitive prices with more quality compared to others. Our aim is simply to give you quality diving … Read More

Bali Diving Package

Get a custom plan and itinerary for a Bali Diving Package to suit your preferrences, personalized team and budget and specific request.   Why Bali Diving Safari? On the Price and budget side we have a flexibility depends on the … Read More

Let’s Diving in Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida is one of the famous islands for its beautiful beaches and underwater world. One destination that must be visited while you in Nusa Penida is Crystal Bay Nusa Penida Island. Crystal Bay is well-known as the lovely beach … Read More

Bali Dive Package

Accomplish your journey in all amazing dive site Bali with the best deal price on Bali dive Package trip. Call/WA +62 818 1892 9111 Why do you have to take the Bali Dive Package dive trip when you dive in … Read More

Scuba Diving Bali

Scuba diving Bali best deal price for try scuba and all level dive certification. Contact +62 818 1892 9111 (whats app) or Email: It is a good decision when you plan to do scuba diving Bali while on vacation … Read More

Open Water Diver Course

The best entrance to the safety and fantastic underwater world. Sign in on Open water diver course in Bali. Call/WA +62 818 1892 9111. What is Open Water Diver course? is an entry level on recreational diving that teaches basic techniques to … Read More

Fluoro Dive Bali

Blow your night vision with glowing colours of corals and creatures by using special lights in Fluoro dive Bali. Call/WA +62 818 1892 9111. Diving at night is a dive that will give you a different experience in your underwater adventure. … Read More

Bumphead Parrotfish Tulamben

Meet Bumphead Parrotfish in Tulamben during night dive or early morning dive. WA +62 818 1892 9111 or for free rental GoPro/Underwater Camera USAT Liberty Shipwreck always promises spectacular dives and provides an unforgettable experience. The wreck is not … Read More

Scuba Diving Lembongan

Best price to do scuba diving in Lembongan with experience and safety dive guide in Bali. Call or Whats app +62 818 1892 9111 Island of Nusa Lembongan located close to line up with Penida and Ceningan Island which 3 … Read More

Nudibranch Fact

Nudibranch fact need to know where can enhance your macro photography. The most photogenic and popular macro creatures underwater Bali. Nudibranch is one of favourite creature for macro photography, she coming on many different varian and size. Striking body colour … Read More

Oceanic Sunfish Bali

Dive in the best change to spotted Oceanic Sunfish in Bali. Get best deal price with us. Call or WA +62 818 1892 9111 Oceanic sunfish are often also called “Mola-mola”. This fish is the heaviest bony fish on earth. Weight can … Read More

Artificial Reef Bali

Amed is ones of dive site where can see successful artificial reef in Bali. What is looks?join us and Call/WA: +62 818 1892 9111 What is Artificial reef? Artificial reef is the basic structure created by humans for the purpose … Read More

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