Best time to see Mola mola in Bali


Best time to see Mola mola dive Bali during the season. Get great deal price for group booking.

When the best season to visit Mola moal dive Bali? Mola mola or Ocean Sun fish will swim ascent following upwell current with cold water temperature to clean his body from parasite.

Usually the waters in Nusa Penida getting cold from July to October where the water temperature drops to 18 degrees can be even cooler in some places in Nusa Penida. Usually this month, Mola mola  or Oceanic Sun fish starts swimming to a shallow place to wash away. One way to cleanse yourself is to let the reef fish like a banner fish to eat the parasite from his body.

When the Mola mola begins to be cleared by reef fish, they will feel very comfortable and usually not too disturbed by the arrival of divers.

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