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Best Scuba Diving Trip holiday in Bali

How long do you need to spend on your Scuba Diving Trip in Bali?

When you plan a Bali Scuba Diving Trip in Bali, it is a good idea to spend 2 to 3 days dedicated to your diving day. Bali is blessed with fantastic and healthy underwater coral reefs to explore. Also, Bali is one of the world’s tourist destinations.

Scuba Diving Trip offers unique topography and characteristics with variants and hundreds of species of tropical fishes and creatures, which is made Bali Diving Site is one of the world’s classes destination too!

South of Bali Diving sites has mostly crystal clear water in Nusa Penida or Nusa Lembongan sister islands, have a chance to dive with Manta Ray and pelagics in the area. The sister islands are directly facing the Indian Ocean, which affects the continuous and fast water movement or current during lows and highs tide, drift diving. Also, a favorite drift diving spots here on the island, especially in the north part. So, you can discover the recommended Bali diving site for those who are more experienced and more logged dives.

On the other part of the Islands, the East Coast of Bali, one of Bali Diving site highlight is Tulamben. Where you can discover a WW2 historical shipwreck just for a shore entry an easy dive site area, suitable for beginner or entry-level. Also, an excellent spot for training or diving courses. To reach Tulamben, it takes only 2.5 hours drive from Denpasar. You will be amazed by the lovely scenery of the paddy rice terrace on the journey and the Mount- Agung view.

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