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Best Price for Nusa Penida Dive Trip

Dive to Nusa Penida

Best price for Nusa Penida dive trip, swimming with Manta ray and enjoy the best coral in Bali. This Island besides having many fantastic tourist attractions that can be enjoyed while traveling on the island, you can also arrange package tour in Nusa Penida while enjoying the beauty of the underwater world.

Nusa Penida Dive Trip

Nusa Penida dive trip can be begin by using a speed boat from Sanur taken approximately in 50 minutes. Dive sites here have a very healthy coral and colorful inhabited by many species of reef fishes. Since the position of facing the Indian Ocean, making the dive sites here frequently visited by large fish such as: Mola Mola or Ocean Sun Fish, Eagle Ray, Shark, Marble Ray and even become a Manta Ray cleaning station. Especially for Manta Ray, large opportunity to see in all the year-around.

Most of the dive sites here have a moderate to strong currents. But there are still some diving points can be dived by beginner scuba diver with smaller ratio diver to dive guide. Healthy Coral reef grow from shallow water and clear waters also make dive site  here is perfect place to do snorkeling activity.

unforgettable experience

Complete your holiday with diving or snorkeling in Nusa Penida, its will be unforgettable experience.
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