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Being an Eco-Friendly Diver

Naturally Beautiful Waters

As recreational diver, we dive to enjoy the naturally beautiful waters. But let’s view back on the condition of our oceans. At least 8 million tons of plastic waste ended up in the ocean each year. This plastic waste will stay that way in hundreds of years. Plastic waste becomes a major threat to marine life, both big and small can be harmed by plastic wastes lying in the ocean. Humans have shifted the natural condition of nature, and as time goes it is harder for species to live. So, here are some things for you to being an eco-friendly diver!

Be Plastic Free

A diver’s place is in the ocean, but we are not the native inhabitants. After seeing the conditions above, one of the best things to do is to reduce single-use plastic. Make this a habit both on land and on the sea. Slowly and surely this habit will help to reduce the total waste. Also, use a tumbler for your drinks. Ask your dive centre for a coolbox to keep your drinks fresh or even they might bring a tumbler for you.

Behave Responsibly in the Waters

Beautiful coral reefs and diverse marine ecology are our reason to dive. We believe when you became a diver, your instructor taught you how to behave underwater and respect the habitat. The simplest thing to do is control your buoyancy underwater, do not touch corals, and especially do not touch any marine animals. Behave like a guest, no matter if you are new or a diving expert. Threatened marine animals can harm you. So, be a responsible diver.

Pick Up Trash

Occasionally during your dive, you will encounter objects from our world. Plastic bags, plastic bottles, and other trash are always found in the ocean. You can grab them and put them in your BCD pockets. Take it to the surface and put it where it belongs. Save our marine animals from things from our world, help them avoid things that might kill them.

Avoid Toxic Sunscreen

Before applying sunscreens please check the material for the sunscreen. Some sunscreen may not be suitable for the ocean and can be toxic for animals and corals. Search for sunscreen for activities in the ocean, it is simple but can help a lot.

Share Your Knowledge

After reading this, you have earned more knowledge on how to be an Eco-Friendly Diver. Share this habit with friends, family, and your loved ones. Everyone can do this, not only divers. The more people inherit this habit, the safer our planet will be.




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