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Being a Responsible Diver

Scuba diving is a wonderful activity. To fully enjoy the beauty of the underwater world, we must respect it too. Humans are not made to live underwater, so we need special equipment, training, and an understanding of scuba diving. As with other extreme activities, scuba diving has an amount of risk that cannot be eliminated even if you are the most experienced. Each individual scuba diver is required to have proper skills and responsibilities both underwater and on land. Bali Fun Diving is an SSI Official Partner Dive Center.

How to be a Responsible Diver

Dive Competently

Always scuba dive within the level of your training, certification, skills, and experience.

Maintain Health

Keep maintaining proper health. Eat healthy foods, exercise routinely, and be mentally aware of your own situation.

Plan Your Dive

Dive within your dive planning and stay with those plans.

Inspect Your Diving Equipment

Before each dive, make sure your diving equipment is properly working. If you can, set up your own diving gear to be more sure. Confirm that the tank cylinder is open. Use proper weighing, how to release those weights in an emergency. Check if your BCD is working properly, inflate and deflate. And the most important thing is knowing how to use them.

Be Aware

When diving, be aware of your surroundings (buddies, yourself, and the environment). Keep monitoring air supply, respect the no-decompression limit, and keep a check on your partner.

Maintain Proper Scuba Diving Skills

After not diving in so long, you might forget one or a few scuba diving skills. That is completely normal. Make sure your dive guide knows about it so you can slowly review it. Other than that, keep diving to maintain proper scuba diving skills.

Respect the Environments

Diving can be dangerous, sometimes nature can also be unpredictable. Be aware of the currents, wave, visibility, temperature, weather, and any other conditions on the sea. Do not push yourself if you are uncomfortable. Be aware of the underwater inhabitants, respect and do not touch them. Some may harm you if provoked.

Plan Emergency

Know what to do when unexpected situations arise. Learn how to handle them and do not be shy to ask for help from your dive guide.

Those are some things to note in being a responsible diver. We hope that you can enjoy your dives after knowing more to be responsible when diving.

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