Try Scuba Diving in Bali


The program will be based on daily trip on 1 day.

Total of 2x dives in a day including your confined water session.


For safety standards we are using Max. 2 student divers: 1 qualified dive instructor.

Introductory to Scuba Diving

Try Scuba Diving or Discover Scuba Diving

Don’t people panic when they’re submerged in water for so long? Isn’t it like drowning? I’m not sure I want to spend as much money to drown myself.

It’s natural to panic on the idea of being underwater and hesitate in getting a diving certification. Humans weren’t built to live underwater. So, if you have these doubts, why not just do an introductory dive or try dive. It’s as close to the real thing but with extra supervision.

This program is designed for Non-Certified Diver, to experience and learn the very basic of Scuba Diving with extra supervision, also a limited depth for safety.

Good idea to do this program – SSI Try Scuba Diving or PADI Discover Scuba Diving before you decide to get your next beginner certification.

Easy, right?

Click this link and get free online preview and start your scuba diving adventure in Bali with Bali Fun Diving

So I’ll learn as much as certified divers?

Yes and no. You’ll be given the basics and briefing from the qualified instructor and you will do some skills practice, which includes:

  • You’ll go over the scuba equipment, how to use and move around in them. And some information about it.
  • Practice some skills in confined water.
  • Learn how to equalize with water pressure.
  • Diving hand signs will also be taught for your safety.
  • Limited depth to maximum of 12 meters, if only you are comfortable and have no problem with the equalization.
  • Conducted by qualified and certified dive professional with ratio of maximum 2 divers to 1 dive pro.

You will be able to swim around on your own under the direct supervision of your scuba diving instructor.

However, you wont learn the comprehensive package. You will be diving in the ocean, but no more than 12 meters and under high supervision. Your diving Instructor in Bali will be with you all the time from the start till the end.

All the core skills will be practices in the pool or confined water ( pool like condition) before you experienced the real diving for the 2nd dive.
Once you get the hang of it, you can decide whether you want to get certified. If you want to be able to dive anywhere, and anytime around, you will want to consider taking the Open Water Diver Course for 3 days or take the Scuba Diver Course for 2 days to be a certified diver.

Minimum 18 hrs NO FLIGHT TIME after finishing the diving.

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