Bali Dive Course Program

Open Water Diver Course in Bali


Duration: 3 days and requirements of 4x open water dives.

  • Day 1: Class session and pool session
  • Day 2: Open water session in Tulamben and get the chance to explore USAT Liberty Shipwreck - 2x dives
  • Day 3: Open water session 2x dives in Padang Bay or Amed (choose 1 of the area), experience the beauty of coral reef and fishes, turtles, cuttle fishes, etc.


The Scuba Diver Course is the next step in getting certified under the PADI or SSI certification program. The two-day plan is designed for those that have a limited amount of time and enroll dive course in Bali during your holiday.
Upon completion, you will be a certified PADI scuba diver, OR SSI Scuba Diver permitted to dive up to only 12 meters and dive under the supervision of a divemaster. This program can be credited to the next step and upgrade, which is the PADI Open Water Diver Course OR SSI Open Water Diver Course.
We are open for Open Water Referrals.
Pick up where you left off from your country of origin, and continue at Bali dive sites. We can continue to your half- way certification and complete it right here, at the heart of the coral triangle of the world. Let us know and passed the referral document from your previous Instructor to us. The rest we will handle that.
Don’t forget the documents or temporary cards from your previous dive course!
We’re ready when you are.

Itinerary for Scuba Diver Course in Bali

Daily pick up at 7.30 am

Day 1 : Class and pool session in Sanur (our office)

Day 2 : drive to Tulamben 2,5 hrs or Padang Bay 1,5 hrs (please choose one of this Bali Dive Site area)

Contact us for more information.


If you’re ready for the big blue and confident that you want a diving certification than jump straight into the Open Water Diver’s course.
Learn to Dive in Bali’s famous dive sites.

Why should you be a certified Open Water Diver?

To dive anywhere in the world, you need to be certified as an Open Water Diver Course. By taking this course, you learn the fundamentals of scuba diving, train in the proper skills and knowledge. You can dive up to 18 meters and roam the sea floor under the dive master’s surveillance, where the fun really starts.

Getting certified in Bali means you can directly enjoy the beautiful scenes of the coral triangle. What better place to get certified?

Let us know if you would like to have online learning before your arrival in Bali. You will minimize the time of class session during your dive course in Bali. Start your online learning in your home country!

What qualifications would you need to get certified?

  • You need to be at least 10 years old and physically healthy.
  • No prior diving experience is very welcomed.
  • You need to be able to swim with mask, snorkel and fins. Swimming capabilities are optional. As long as you’re comfortable in water, swimming in any style, be able to float, tread water using any methods and you can trust the instructor completely, you’ll be just fine. There is no time limit to do swim and float during the pool session.
  • At the same time you will surprise that you can also learn to swim right away.
  • Medically fit and healthy.

Easy, right?

Class starts with training in the classroom, learning the science and safety of the sport – scuba diving, continued with an introduction and simulation in a freshwater pool. When completed, classes move out straight to the ocean and do open water dives, where things are really exciting! Being amongst Bali dive sites, the first diving experience will be an unforgettable one.

For safety reason and quality standards of our services we do small ratio classes with 2 – 3 max of student divers: 1 dive instructor.

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