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Kubu Dive Sites

Kubu Boga Shipwreck is the newest shipwreck diving site in Bali, it was sunk in 2012. Although originally it sunk only at 32, due to natural circumstances the ship shifted deeper to the ocean. Previously a Dutch cargo ship, this 40 meters shipwreck is lying on the ocean at 16-39 meters deep.

The ship is still mostly intact. Thus, divers can still see clearly the integrity of the ship. Some key points to see are the steering wheel, used dive tanks, and even a sunken VW car. But due to the conditions and depth of the dive, make sure you have advanced diver lisence before visiting Kubu Shipwreck.

  • Location: North-east coast of Bali
  • From Sanur: 2.5 hours Car Ride
  • Dive type: shipwreck
  • Visibility: 12-30 m
  • Average depth: 28 m
  • Current: None to mild – warm water
  • Entry: Beach entry. Various stones on the beach can make the entry tricky.
  • Minimal dive license: Advanced Open Water Diver / Advanced Adventurer

Available Course

  • Specialty Diver Course: wreck dive, deep dive, and night dive.
  • Advanced diver course

Kubu Shipwreck Price

Best Time

  • All year

Best Bali dive Itinerary for Kubu  Shipwreck

Hotel Pick up 7.00 – 7.30 AM

  • To Bali fun Diving – Sanur to settle paperwork, payment and meet the Dive Leader
  • 2 hrs drive from Sanur
  • Kubu Shipwreck Diving 2x – shore dives
  • Hotel Drop – arriving around 5.00PM – 5.30PM
    (depends on your accommodation location and traffic)


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