Bali Diving Package

Get a custom plan and itinerary for a Bali Diving Package to suit your preferences, personalized team and budget and specific request.

Why Bali Diving Safari?

various creatures of Bali

On the Price and budget side we have a flexibility depends on the plan you need, from your arrival day to the end of your trip, quantity of the participant, the more the merrier they said! Of course we make an offers based on the quantity as well as we will run the diving trip in Bali for a private chartered for a superior group or a shared trip with other guest on our daily running schedule. Days and Nights of overnight stay in the dive site also a good idea to minimise the travel time and less tired. Get more time to hear more the story about Bali and the underwater with the Divemaster. We do a small ratio of groups and also to make sure an intimate group with a quality.
In the other point, Bali has a wide range of diving characters, with variety of coral family and species and they are located in every sides of Bali, from the North to South, West to East! that makes a long journey, and that’s why we offers a Bali Diving Packages or we call it Bali Diving Safari (multiday diving and overnight packages). Watch our youtube channel about Bali’s Underwater here.

What is the interesting point of diving in Bali?

Bali Island is located in the South of Indonesia, which in the south side is overlooking the Indian Ocean and makes one of the major current circulation passing Bali South Ocean, and it is rich of nutrition and good for marine life, such as the corals and reef, fishes. Wide ranges of soft coral to hard coral grows to become a shelters for the other marine life. Oceanic Sunfish or Mola Mola often sighted in the south of Bali Ocean, in Nusa Penida Island. Cold water and clear visibility around July to October and a good timing during the high season for diving in Bali.

On the other side of Bali Island – East of Bali, A combination of volcanic black sandy beach, and peeble.It makes a perfect life for unique small creatures, and some of the rare species. Many kinds of nudibranchs, shrimps and crabs, and this Bali Diving Site make a favourite spot to be one of the Underwater Photographer destination.  Also, another Dive Spot of the historical shipwreck – USAT Liberty Shipwreck.

Another interesting area is in the West of Bali – Menjangan national Park will amaze you with its huge sea fans and coral garde, eel garden with a white sandy cottom and a deep wall dive, they are growing healthy and schooling of fishes passing by during a mild drift diving in some dive spot. Wide angle lens setting for the underwater photography is a must. A bright and full of color underwater sea fans.

Join with us on Bali dive Package and get the best deal price for your dive vacation in Bali. We offer small ratio guide to diver which will indulge your experiences.

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