Menjangan Island Dive Site

  • Location: North-east coast of Bali
  • From Sanur: 2.5 hours.
  • Dive type: wreck, coral garden.
  • Visibility: 12-30 m
  • Average depth: 18 m
  • Current: None to mild – warm water
  • Entry: Beach entry. Various stones on the beach can make the entry tricky.
  • Minimal dive license: Open Water Diver
  • Introductory dives and guided snorkeling are permitted.

Menjangan Island Dive Site

  1. Post I
    This vast Bali dive site covers more than 60,000 m2 with partial drop-offs, slopes and flat areas. Common sightings are batfish and schoolings of them.
  2. Post II
    Located on the south east point of the island. Wall diving starting at depths of 12 m. Below 25 m is home to large gorgonians and the cold water upwelling brings in the turtles, manta rays, sharks and occasionally mola-mola, (oceanic sunfish) with other pelagic fishes. The population of Titan Triggerfish needs extra awareness.
  3. Bat Cave Point
    Arguably, the best spot of Menjangan Island. Diving depths range between 3 m – 40 m with various gorgonians, sea fans, sponges and corals. Caves crevasses are found at 9 m -12 m and best for underwater photography. The head on current brings in schools of fishes and the extended food chain. Expect to see the blue fin trevallies, big eye trevallies, and occasional black tip reef sharks.
  4. Garden Eels
    Located on the northwest tip of Menjangan Island. The wall can be found at 5 m depth to a maximum of 35 m. The white sand slope is home to the long-nose hawkfish and gorgonian fans. This is also the Bali dive spot for white tip reef sharks, small schools of barracuda, turtles, and Napoleonfish. The garden eels are found at the slope to flat area at 14 m - 20 m.
  5. Coral Garden
    Located south of Garden Eels Point at depth of 5 m – 12 m. Clown fishes and their anemones dwell within the area also with big-eyed trevallies, titan triggerfishes and a surprising number of scorpion fishes.

Best Bali dive itinerary at Menjangan Island:

  • From Sanur area is 4,5 Hours car drive
  • Spend 1 day only to reach Pemuteran Area, and stay overnight in Pemuteran Area. Rest.
  • The next morning, to the Port 20 minutes car drive and 35 minutes to the the dive site in the island.
  • 3x dives and back to the hotel in Pemuteran Area around 4pm – 5 pm.
  • Advisable to check out and continue the dive trip to Tulamben following the north coast route 2,5 hrs and stay overnight in Tulamben.
  • Or just stay another night in Pemuteran and go back to Denpasar City on the next day . Multi-day Bali Dive Trips or Bali Safari packages is recommended.

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Best time : All Year

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