Amazing Wreck Dive Locations in Indonesia

Wreck dive is a diving activity that aims to explore the wreck of a ship or plane under the sea. When exploring in shipwrecks or planes, divers often feel a spooky atmosphere. This is influenced by the story behind the … Read More

Hand Signal in Emergency When Diving

Hand Signal in Emergency – For divers as well as prospective divers, the ability to communicate using hand signals is a must both when enjoying the underwater beauty and in the face of an emergency. The following are some of … Read More

Exotic Fish Most Wanted by Divers

Exotic Fish Most Wanted by Divers – Exotic fish are groups of animals that swim or move using their fins. This fish has an appeal because of the uniqueness of both shape, color, and behavior. Indonesian waters are home to … Read More

Blue Hole Diving Spot

Blue Hole Diving Spot – Diving is one of the most extreme sports. For lovers of nature tourism, it is not right if you have never felt diving into the ocean with beautiful coral reef views. Even so, diving requires … Read More

Scuba Diving Career Prospect

Scuba Diving Career Prospect – Have you ever thought that you can use SCUBA skills in your life rather than just for recreation? Well, if you are an internationally certified diver (international diving license) with high diving flight hours. There … Read More

Diving Equipment Disinfection

Diving Equipment Disinfection – The Covid-19 pandemic has had an impact on Indonesian tourism. Diving tourism is one of the business activities that suffer the most losses due to this disease outbreak. The decrease in the number of guests experienced … Read More

Diving Terms For Beginner Divers

Diving Terms For Beginner Divers – Diving is an activity that is now quite popular with nature lovers. Diving is also a way to enjoy the beauty of the underwater world while relaxing after a long day of work. However, … Read More

5 Tips on How to Choose a Great Dive Center

After you choose your diving site for your holiday trip, please choose a dive center wisely. You don’t want to ruin your holiday trip, right? Here are 5 tips on how to choose a great dive center 1. Friends or … Read More

5 Ways You Can Help to Save the Ocean

Save the Ocean is a crucial mission that requires the efforts of everyone to protect and preserve our oceans and the diverse marine life. The ocean is very important because in the ocean there are many ecosystems and species that … Read More

The Difference Between Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

Scuba diving and snorkeling are two popular water sports that allow people to explore the underwater world. While they may seem similar at first, there are actually some important differences between the two activities. In this article, we’ll compare them. … Read More

How to Overcome Seasickness on Your Diving Trip

Avoiding seasickness while diving can be a challenge for many people, especially if you’re prone to motion sickness or are diving in rough seas. As a diver, you must have experienced seasickness when diving. We never know when we will … Read More

How To Take Care of Your Scuba Equipment

As a diver, scuba gear is very important to you, so your scuba gear should be fully functional, well maintained and clean. so therefore you have to take care of your scuba gear. The following are the tips for taking … Read More

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