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Advanced Dive Course Bali

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Being a diver means we are also ready to help preserve the underwater life. By always paying attention to our buoyancy and not touch or take anything when we dive.

Once we learn the first level of the diving course, where we have been taught basic skills for diving, it is desirable to improve and improve our ability through the Advanced dive course Bali.

Through Advanced Diver Course level will be taught 5 amazing specialty dives in the introduction stage with 5 times dive. The specialty that we can choose among others:

  • Deep diveNavigation
  • Wreck Dive
  • Perfect Buoyancy / Peak Performance Buoyancy
  • Night Dive
  • Boat Dive
  • Wave, Tide and Current / Drift Dive
  • Underwater Photography / Videography, etc.
Advanced Dive Course Bali

learn more about navigate your underwater journey using compass

Time to become a responsible diver and able to take care of the sea and life. Join us and follow the Advanced Dive Course at a special price. Get more discounts for more participants.

For more information, Call or Whats app +62 818 1892 9111 or Email: info@balifundiving.com

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