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10 Reasons Why You’ll Love Scuba Diving in Bali

Scuba diving is not like any other activities. Divers all around the world want to keep looking for a better place to dive. One of them being Bali, the paradise on earth. Bali is surrounded by sea, that is why scuba diving thrives here. Here are 10 reasons why you’ll love scuba diving in Bali!

There are tons of dive sites

Bali has a ton of diving sites. Tulamben, Amed, Menjangan, Padang Bai, Nusa Penida, and so on. All of those locations are the best scuba diving places in Bali. When combining all dive spots in those locations, we can enjoy more than 50 dives spots. Trying all of Bali’s dive sites can take you months so take your time.

Beautiful natural coral reefs

Tropical climate of Bali creates beautiful coral reefs. Thankfully, people in Bali respect nature and are fighting together to maintain it. Colorful coral reefs with bountiful healthy marine life awaits you.

Gentle Giants

If you love marine animals, you sure want to meet the exotic marine creatures. Nusa Penida waters are home for manta rays and mola mola. These gentle giants are sure a sight to behold. Manta rays can be found all year round in Nusa Penida. Mola mola tends to live deep, but when the temperature of the sea begins to fall they will start to emerge in shallower waters. Sometimes we can find mola mola on the surface of the water searching for warmth from the sun. Mola mola season in Bali usually starts around August and ends in October.

Macro Photography

From giants to the most colorful tiny creatures. Coral reefs of Bali is the paradise for macro photography. Nudibranch, shrimps, crabs, seahorse, frogfishes, are some creatures you can encounter during your dive. They are tiny, so keep your eyes sharp or ask your dive guide to help you find them. Bring your camera and practice your macro photography with us!

Relatively cheaper

Scuba diving in Bali, well, living in Bali in general is relatively cheaper than other countries. So better dive sites, cheaper price.


USAT Liberty and Kubu Wreck are two shipwrecks that you can dive in. Both are unique, beautiful, and have their own story. USAT Liberty is really close to the shore of Tulamben so it is generally accessible to all level of divers. Meanwhile, more experienced divers can try exploring Kubu Wreck.

Make new buddies

Bali is the center of diversity. You can meet friends from all around the world or have fun diving with the locals. Diving in Bali breaks the boundaries of difference. Because underwater we are all the same species.

Train or relax yourself

Scuba diving is a relaxing exercise. You can work out underwater while feeling absolutely calm, just like yoga when you think about it.

Explore other parts of Bali

Bali is a land of culture and diversity, there is no other place like Bali. Local people still strongly believe in their culture while people from all over the world gather. Not to mention, beautiful landscape and scenery.


We feel like you can find every type of food here in Bali. So go and explore, Bali is an endless food paradise.


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