Underwater Photography

Underwater Photography

Bali had so much to offer for underwater photographers and videographers learn about the diving and shooting the underwater creatures. You can see most of them here in Bali, from big pelagics like Manta, sharks, and Oceanic Sunfish/ Mambo (Mola mola) in Nusa Penida, to macro subjects with muck diving with a wide variety of underwater critters in Tulamben, ‘Secret Bay’, Seraya, Pemuteran and PJ dive sites.

We offers an individuals, couples, private group, small / larger groups who interested to try underwater photography trips or workshop / specialty course and those with interest in marine behaviour or fish ID with our amazing instructor and their passion to learn the fish and underwater behaviour and their family - species name.

Whether you want critters diving, shark encounters, schooling fish, wreck diving..

Macro and Wide angle photography.

We will have something for you.

Whether you are just starting in underwater photography as a beginner or just curiosity in underwater photography, and those who already an experience photographer, Our guides or instructor can help you to find and get what you want to see and spot . Lets break the curiosity out !!

Our Underwater Photography PADI instructor has broad experience and ready to guide you to the best shots, no matter you are a beginner or an experience underwater photographer. What you are looking for is our call to find it for you. You can see all the shots taken by Bali Fun Diving in our Gallery.

Take and learn more tips and skills by join our DIGITAL UNDERWATER PHOTOGRAPHY SPECIALTY class or workshop.

When you are so addictive that you are thinking to learn more about Underwater Photography, our instructor will certify you in PADI Digital Underwater Photographer course . The PADI Digital Underwater Photographer course gets you going quickly with today modern digital equipment, whether you use a point-and-shoot snap camera or a sophisticated D-SLR like the pros. In this course, you will receive expert instruction on how to take the perfect picture while having 2 dives in Tulamben. With the guidance of a PADI Professional you will develop your skills to easily obtain captivating underwater photos, not to mention, macro and wide angle, also manual setting on your camera, which is — of course — extremely a needed skill to have the best shot we want.

Dive 1 and Dive 2 involve understanding how to use your camera system and how to really improve the photos you take. Not stop there, we will also guide you the end! When we get back we will also teach you how to get those photos from your camera to your computer and how to do some basic editing in order to make the photo’s look much nicer.

It is such a very fun and challenging course, isn’t it?

ask for the schedule of workshop and request it if you want to have private course or private workshop.

check out our GALLERIES page.

Feel free to contact us for booking.

Please note that we always open to any customized program to suit your needs. Either you want to have your individuals, couples, private group, we can manage everything for you based on your requests.