Tulamben is a small village on the north-east coast of Bali and take 2.5 hours ride by car from South Bali (Kuta/Sanur), the place where you can see Mount Agung closely and clearly. One of the famous Bali Dive Site. Many types of dive available here: Shore Diving, Wreck-diving, Wall-diving, Night-diving, Deep-diving, or a few minutes by small local outrigger boat to another dive spot in Tulamben area. The visibility is mostly around 12 – 30 metres, nearly no current to mild currents, with depths 3 – 40 metres (average depth 18 metres). That is why almost all tulamben dive sites here are suitable for every level and interest, open water training course for scuba dive lesson, also for introductory divers and snorkellers!

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The highlights are extraordinary diversity of marinelife, hundreds of species of fishes, corals and sponges, huge school of Big-eyed Trevally, 120-metre shipwreck, beautifully coloured wall. Great photographic opportunities, either for macro underwater photography and wide angle photography, for colour contrast with the black sandy bottom and vulcanic sand which is contain a lot of nutrition for the small creatures and other tropical reef fishes. This dive sites are also favourite for full moon night dive, and sunrise diving. The topography is black sandy slope with a 120-metre shipwreck, coral gardens, drop-off wall and deep coral reef. The fist-sized black stones can make entry tricky when there are waves present.

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Dive Spots around Tulamben

USAT Liberty Ship Wreck

Renowned as one of the dive site on the wreck of the most easily accessible in the world, 120 metres long of the shipwreck lies just 25 metres off the beach with a maximum depth of about 30 meters. Dive begins with a welcome surgeonfish very tame and not infrequently found in the middle of a bunch of dives Bumphead parrotfish, barracuda and a great variety of sea slug that color is very pretty.Very nice place for night dive in the wreck. This Bali dive site also suitable for beginner and all level of diving even for conduct the open water training for scuba dive courses.

Drop Off

At first Tulamben Wall, known as the Drop Off can be an alternative to dive after the USAT Liberty Shipwreck. Wall is basically at a depth of about 60-70 meters, which can be dived by technical divers and sometimes here is the one of the Bali dive site choosen for the technical diver course training. Reef sharks or hammerheads have ever been encountered by many divers at these depths. At the top, colorful coral reefs to be an interesting mixed with reef fishes and sea creatures, colorful as well. In addition to the beautiful underwater scenery, Drop Off also offers a variety of findings of macro object that very diverse species and some sea fans. This bali dive spot also suitable for beginner and introductory dive or discover scuba dive on the shallow water part , and some advanced diver course for deep dive open water training and skills.

Coral garden

The Coral Garden starts at a depth of 2-15 m, accesible from beach and is wonderfully grown featuring hard and soft coral alike. Besides numerous species of reef fish, the beautiful blue-yellow ribbon moray eel has found a home here. You can expect to see all the characteristics and marine life of a healthy reef. Squid, cuttlefish are just a few of the thousands of animals found here. Small white tip reef sharks can often be found in the shallows. Visibility is averagely between 15-30m. This dive site is also a superb snorkelling spot with none to moderate current. And if you like Macro Underwater Photography , we can move slowly and a lot of tiny little beautiful and unique creatures, such as crabs , shrimps, nudibranches. This Dive site also nice for conducting Underwater Photography Course or training.

Batu kelebit

A 15 minutes jukung (local outrigger) ride east from Tulamben Bay will take you to these two large rocks that lie just offshore. The dive site is quite dramatic and consists of three steep ridges encrusted with an incredible diversity of hard corals, beautiful sea fans, fire corals and sponges and between these ridges are channels of white sand.


Tulamben bay which has a part called Alamanda is a wonderful Bali diving site, which the coral is very healthy and well protected. The interesting underwater topography is also well protected from the current. Alamanda Bali diving is only available for experienced divers. The reason is because this Bali dive site requires some depth. The striking difference comes between the white sand bottom and the array of hard corals.

Monkey reef

Just 3.5 km from Tulamben, this is a similar type of reef stretching from 5m – 40m. Excellent to explore with beautiful reef formations, excellent fish life including regular sightings of barracuda, sharks and bumphead parrotfish. Lionfish inhabit the deeper sections of reef and nudibranchs can be found at all depths. The visibility is 15-30 m average, with mild to moderate current. It has good with variety of hard and soft coral, sponges and fans. Accessed by the shore with a vehicle taking equipment for you.