Padang Bay

Padang Bay

Located at the Eastern Coast of Bali, Padang Bay can be reached about one hours ride from Sanur by car then a few minutes by local boat to this one of best Bali dive sites. It has drop off, coral garden and gentle white sandy slope. Many types of dive available here makes it suitable for every level and interest. The highlights of Diving in Padang Bay are reef shark, turtle, cuttle fish, crocodile fish, nudibranch, and many marine life along the wall.

Dive Spots around Padang Bay

Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon, which is also known as Baong Penyu (Turtle’s Neck), is a small bay, with a steep white sandy beach, located a bit of North East of Padang Bay. Need to take a 5 min jukung (outrigger) ride from Padang Bay. The topography is not spectacular: white sand bottom, which slopes gradually to 22 meters, but its charm is that it is protected but the coral growth is unremarkable. It has scattered rocks, soft corals and a huge area of Staghorn Coral. However the fish life is amazing: a large Napoleon Wrasse that lives here, several kinds of unusual reef shark, stonefish, moray and blue ribbon eels, nudibranches, rays, squid and octopus, Leaf Scorpionfish, Stargazers to name just a few.
While The Blue Lagoon is easy diving, sometimes used for Open Water Course and popular with snorkellers, experienced divers and photographers also thoroughly enjoy the site. Visibility is 15-20 meters average, where there is sometimes a little surge and a mild current, but the bay is fairly protected. There are huge coral bommies that start in around 5 meters of water. Water condition can be a bit colder here. On one dive the water temperature drop to 20-Celsius degree, but usually the temperature around 25-28o C. Night dive is a good option here as a completely different variety of unusual marine life comes out to play at night.

Channel Point

This site is reachable by boat in less than 2 minutes from Padang Bay beach. It is possible to dive there by beginner but this location is better suited to advanced divers. It is a nice plateau about 18 meters deeps with numerous small caves where whitetip reef sharks love to rest during day time. They can also be swimming in the current which can sometimes be quite strong in the channel.

Bias Tugel

Bias Tugel is actually coming from the beach name in Padang Bay, also known as White Sand Beach. Turn right as you leave Padang Bay and you will be at Bias Tugel. It is quite shallow at only around 10 m deep, good site for training diving courses in Bali or for macro photography. Is is possible to dive much deeper around 30 to 40 m deep but currents can tricky and strong.
Here you find a magical array of sea life has made it’s home, there are large schools of Red Toothed Trigger fish, and the shy Squirrel fish who tends to hide in the cracks and under coral bommies, to name but a few of its residents.

Tanung Jepun

It is also a great place for underwater macro photography (frogfish) with many strange and rare animals and is a very good night dive. There is an artificial reef and a small wreck at about 17 m deep. If you are lucky enough, during night diving in Padang Bay you can spot the rare coral cat shark.