Emergency Training

Emergency Training



REACT RIGHT is SSI s Emergency Training Program. Learn the "How-To" of First Aid, CPR, AED and Oxygen administration in diving emergencies as well as emergency assessment, so that any emergency situation can be evaluated properly.

Enrolling a REACT RIGHT program will increase your diving safety and comfort significantly. Also SSI and other training agencies require a valid First Aid and CPR Certificate as a prerequisite for the Diver Stress & Rescue certification.

The REACT RIGHT Student Kit includes a field reference guide which enables you to learn all theoretical knowledge easily. You will be guided through all practical skills by a REACT RIGHT Instructor. The program covers:

  • Primary Assessment
  • First Aid & CPR Skills
  • Primary Stabilization Techniques
  • Oxygen Administration in Diving Emergencies
  • Automated External Defibrilation Basics

If you are interested in joining the next React Right program, visit our link below for more information!

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EFR ( Emergency First Response ) PADI

EFR program covers basic training for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Rescue Breathing as well as First Aid. The goal is to give you confidence in your ability to provide care when emergency situations aries. It also meet the CPR & first aid prerequisite for earning your Rescue Diver rating.

Take notes that the course is not only for divers, but also can be for non divers. As its general first aid program skill will give you a readiness to help people around you in emergency situation, so family, friends, teachers or your baby sitters can be taking this course as well.

This one day program trained you with skill development and realistic scenario practice, it will use a Little Annie Manikin to practice CPR and other needed training skills. So you can imagine that it’s totally fun !!

No dive certification required & no minimum age limit. Want to be ready in an emergency? Take this course now.

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