Amed Diving - East Coast Bali

Amed Diving is always one of the dive spot area you must try to dive.Amed is a small village on the North East Coast of Bali and take 2 hours ride by car from South Bali (Kuta/Sanur), or about 20 minutes ride by car from Tulamben, or 1.5 hours ride from Padang Bay. It refers to a long stretch of coast running from the village of Cucik about 14 km eastwards incorporating the seven villages of Amed, Jemeluk, Bunutan, Lipah, Selang, Banyuning and Aas.

The highlight here is great reefs, has some of the best macro life in Bali, set against a backdrop of black sand and often stunning walls, it is a great place for underwater photography. It has none to mild current with warm water, suitable for all levels of divers. Good visibility is the norm, except after heavy rains in the rainy season (Jan – March).

Dive Spots around Amed


Bunutan beach, one of the prettiest divesites of Amed, very good stretch between Bedulu Resort and Hotel Santai. A 10 minute boat ride from the main beach on Amed, Bunutan is a sandy slope with occasional large coral bommies. Starts at an eel garden, following a gentle drift we encounter amazingly huge sponges, many blue spotted rays, beautiful pink gorgonians, barracudas, moray eels, lion fish, nudibranches, unbelievably plenty of reef fish and most of the time there are two residential white tip reef sharks, too. The best corals at 25- 30m. There are some good drift dives further east at Selang and Bunutan but these are generally only suited to more experienced divers.

Macro Dive Amed

Macro Amed Diving to even super macro creatures always have something unique and unpredictable.Several macro photography dive sites around Amed Diving. A good alternative to the more common Seraya and Tulamben muck diving sites, chances to see frogfish, ornatte ghost pipefish, wonderpus octopus,longarm octopus.

Amed Wall

5 minute boat ride to get there from Amed beach, located outside Jumeluk Bay. The wall is very beautiful with nice coral and beautiful gorgonians, it plunges down to about 40M at its base. If you dive deeper around 30m, you may have the chance to spot the famous but rare pygmy seahorse.
Depth is 10-35 meters with 15-30 meters average visibility. Although the wall itself is a relative small part of the dive, here you can usually find white tip reef sharks, napoleon wrasse, school of batfish, and some big trevally. Once you pass the wall you will find a deep slope which is rich in corals. If you turn right towards shallower water, you will see big bommies on the sand, covered with gorgonians.


5 minutes from the main beach in Amed, Pyramids is a sandy slope leading down to a series of artificial reef forms like a pyramids. They are made out of a mixture of tires and metal boxes and house some extraordinary macro life. If you get far enough along the site for you to turn the corner, the sandy bottom turns into a beautiful wall where there is sometimes a good chance of find turtles.