Advanced Dive Courses

Advanced Dive Courses



Dive course bali with Bali Fun Diving. Take your PADI or SSI advanced certification, improve comfort and awareness , it takes 2 - 3 days course to complete while you have your fun diving in bali. Upgrade your certification to Adventure Diver program only in few days, and you will get more to the new experiences of scuba diving, build your diving skills and more confidence in the water.

You can choose any of 3-5 dives you’re interested in:

  1. Deep dive
  2. Wreck dive
  3. Boat dive
  4. Drift dive
  5. Night dive
  6. Peak performance buoyancy or perfect buoyancy
  7. UW Navigation dive
  8. Digital Underwater Photography
  9. Search & recovery dive
  10. AWARE-Fish Identification
  11. Underwater Naturalist, etc.




Advanced Open Water (PADI)

The same level of Advanced Adventurer Diver in SSI

You can choose any of these adventure to do, according to what interests you. If you plan to move onto the PADI Advanced Open Water certification then you need to have the Deep and Navigation adventure dives for this course, because this program also can be credited towards to Advanced Diver Course or specialty course.

To be Advanced Open Water Diver, you just need to do those two core dives (Deep & Navigation), added with 3 other dives you are interested in. After certified, you can dive up to 30 meters depth for recreational divers, and dive in more specialized sites you may not dive within your Open Water certification, like wreck diving, deep diving, night diving, and many more.

Must be an Open Water Diver certification (or qualifying and equivalent level of certification from another organization) and minimum 15 years old (12 for Junior Advanced Open Water Diver).

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Advanced Open Water (SSI)

You can choose any of these adventures specialty to do, according to what specialty interests you. This program is SSI is a bit different with PADI. In here, to be SSI Advanced Open Water, you have to complete some specialty dives - minimum of 5 specialty dives independently.Some of the specialty dive course will take 2-3 dives requirement per specialty to be completed , and total average you will have from 15x dives average  while your fun diving in bali, or may be you can do it some few days in bali and another weeks or months to come and complete every each of specialty diver course in some sequence and once you collect your 5 specialty diver course you will be upgraded and recognise as SSI ADVANCED OPEN WATER or equivalent to PADI MASTER SCUBA DIVER
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