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Welcome to our site, DIVING in BALI in FUN way with Bali Fun Diving ! We arrange bali scuba dive trip,bali scuba dive course, bali dive trip and all over in Indonesia.Yes, we are Bali Fun Diving! A BOUTIQUE DIVE OPERATOR. We are Dive Professional and Operator in Bali,We offers bali scuba dive course , bali dive safari and daily dive trip.

A Boutique Dive Operator assist you to arrange your holiday and plan all your dive trip according to your preferences , from a standard or budgeting package to an exclusively , luxury and premium dive packages and all in one itinerary.

It’s easy to see that diving is a popular physical activity in Bali aside to surfing and mountain climbing. There are so many Bali dive centre and Bali dive operators spread throughout the island of Gods; it’s hard to miss a lot of people travel to Bali for diving. If climbing mountains gave you the satisfaction of achievement and the view from above, and surfing gave you the taste of the ocean’s power, why not take up diving when in Bali or travel to Bali just for it?

Diving is fun and has many sides to it, making it a rich venture. First of all, it’s an outdoor activity, which helps you get physical. Second, it’s a social sport with the buddy system and possibility of making new, both local and non-local Balinese, friends on a boat. Aside to being a physical and social activity, it also has a softer side by offering a quiet and peaceful time underwater. There’s also so much to see. Bali’s underwater world is beautiful and interesting. You never knew that there were so many rare fishes and tiny creatures with their odd behaviors. Observing them has to be our personal favorite thing to do. With all of this, it’s easy to take in hours and hours of diving. Eventually, it became a passion.

Why to choose us?

Being something we are passionate about , Our team took diving to the next level. Since 2011, we started Bali Fun Diving as our outlet to our passion. Ever since we’ve become instructors, it’s been great to be able to educate the importance of protecting our sea, sharing the right knowledge and information to new divers. There is a solid connection between our lives on land to the food chains of the ocean, there’s just not enough emphasis about it. That’s where being an instructor and escorting divers becomes a great media for ocean education. We also enjoy sharing our experience that aren’t in the text books, hoping it can help independent divers be a great role model in their community on being aware of their environment, especially divers in Bali.

Now, why should anyone dive with Bali Fun Diving? It’s hard to say that we are the best. Everyone has their own preference to what service they like, but we can only assure that we are professional and we take good care of our customers. That might sound like the typical brochure-talk, but we show it with things like a consistent 3-to-1 divers to dive master ratio during fun dives and small classes to ensure good and focused education. Also, most of dive professional in our team had their minimum 13 ++ years of experience in diving Bali and some part in Indonesia, and our experience to the underwater world not far behind,and our lovely team.


A complete team of dive professional with special skill in Underwater Photography lead us to many images she has taken. Besides these skills, more importantly, Our team pays a lot of attention to details in preparation and divers’ needs. No wonder that most of Bali Fun Diving customers like us so much because of team work's caring attitude make them feel safe and comfortable when exploring underwater with us. We’re confident that with our local knowledge of the water, we can show you the best of underwater Bali with the right cautions. There are enough dive cases (and irresponsible dive guide or pro claims) in Indonesia to show how local knowledge of the water is important, and we fully support it. That’s why they make sure that every trips will be so personalised with high quality service and safety priority.

We could go on and on about how good Bali Diving with us is but that’s second to how we hope you go diving in Bali. There are so many dive spots with beautiful corals, having their own highlights and cater to different interests. Bali waters are so rich and variant. There’s also a great chance to see Manta Rays and the Sunfish (Mola-mola) in Bali around the end of July to October. In addition, there are countless species that are in debate of being unidentified and dive spots waiting to be discovered. There might be a chance that a new bali dive site or a species might be named after you. The possibility is so exciting; We can’t wait to take you with me through this journey and unforgettable memories to take your bali diving trip and bali scuba dive course. So when it comes to diving Bali, what are you waiting for?

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