Bali Fun Diving


Who is Bali Fun Diving?

Bali Fun Diving is a dive operator or dive centre based in one of Bali's tourism location in Sanur. Our Dive operator was found in 2011 by a collaboration of two passionate scuba diving instructor and dive master who had experienced local dive at various places in Indonesia more than 13 years. And they are really great in their scope for detail oriented person, tutoring, hospitality, also their knowledge in this world of scuba diving and services.

Why Bali Fun Diving?

The wide of knowledge on diving and marine habitats, comprehensive skills and ability that we have, and the amount of experience possessed many of our professional divers, and equipped with the highest maintained and make sure our quality of equipment, we commited to give you all of the quality and knowledge, skills in a small group and ratio. We will help you to arrange your scuba diving holiday in Bali and guarantee to make your holiday so much fun and unforgettable experience. We can also improve your diving skills by sharing the experience of diving, dive courses or workshop program and provide information about the various types of marine life and all about scuba diving. We are a lovely team and this is our passion to serve and share our laugh and fun together with you. This is our passion.

In addition to the dive program or arrangement, it can be scheduled and highly custom made according to your preferences and types of your vacation, Bali Fun Diving also offers a variety of educational and workshop or tutoring programs both on a basic level dive up to a professional level.